Friday, May 18, 2012

Medical Inc. The Movie

 This is going to be a fantastic movie about the business of medicine and the cure that is the Chiropractic profession.  I just love being a part of this wonderful health care field.  Chiropractic has changed my life and I hope you give it a chance to change yours.  It is time for us to take charge and make natural health care the FIRST CHOICE.  Please watch the trailer at the top and the bottom of this link...and be inspired!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Healthy Weight Loss!

*Okay, this is a quick personal blog.  I am down 18 pounds and am keeping it off (It has been 4 months now - yes that included Christmas!). 
*I have failed over and over like most everyone else in the past,  I am a confessed chocoholic, and I have finally mastered my weight JOIN ME! 
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In Good Health,
Dr. Krause, D.C.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

$35 1 hour MASSAGE!

Call today to schedule your $35 One Hour Massage with our exceptional therapist.  Everyone is welcome.  You do not need to be a patient.  A good massage is exactly what you need!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Car Accidents Lead to Early Degeneration

After the initial shock of a car accident wears off we naturally check if any bodily harm was sustained. As discussed in our earlier blog, impacts at 4-12mph is fast enough to inflict whiplash damage on our bodies regardless vehicles damage. The force to the neck due to a shifting and snapping, forward and backward action, is often up to five times greater than the force of the collision itself, and (unfortunately) the use of seat belts actually speeds up the “whipping motion” of the neck, causing even more injury.
In one study, it was determined that patients who had a whiplash type of injury, 39-60% of them developed osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) in the ensuing years. Beyond the initial management of pain, headaches, and whiplash symptoms, there is a long term challenge to the health of our spine and body.

  • The x-ray labeled A is a normal, healthy neck. Notice the disc spaces and the C-shaped curve it demonstrates. X-ray labeled B shows an osteoarthritic neck. Disc spaces are narrowed greatly and the curve is reversed. The black curved line in x-ray B demonstrates what the curve should have looked like. Car accidents and trauma to the body speed up the rate in which our bones degenerate and develop this type of arthritis.
  • This leads to the question, what is the proper care after a car accident?  Receiving chiropractic care can restore normal curvature of the neck, normalize the nervous system to promote the body’s own healing process, eliminate pain, restore normal range of motion, and stop the premature process of osteoarthritis following a car accident.
  • Don’t hesitate to get the care you need. Starting right away is the best plan, and if you have delayed, starting now is better than letting this process continue to run it’s own course. 
  • If you have any questions give us a call and we will try our best to provide you with the knowledge to overcome short and long term challenges involved with car accidents.

Friday, February 17, 2012


What is medpay?  "Medpay" is the term used to describe the amount of money your automobile insurance will pay for your medical bills following a motor vehicle accident whether you are at fault or not!  You must get this added to your policy if you do not already have it!
Why you ask?   When you are involved in an automobile accident you want to have the peace of mind to know that your medical care will be covered. Without medpay this process can become a very complicated, delayed, and stressful situation if you do not have medpay on your policy.  This is very inexpensive to add to your policy and will save you endless stress and worry. 
CAUTION: Even your auto insurance agent may try to discourage you from getting this coverage.  Their job is to save their own company money and medpay saves you, not them.  They may tell you that you don't need medpay because you have health insurance.  Well, your health insurance may pay nothing or only a small portion of your bills and you will be stuck with the rest if you do not have medpay.  Medpay is there for you!  You can seek the treatment you need from whom ever you choose (not usually an option with health insurance) and you can get the treatment immediately.
What does it cost? Adding medpay to your policy may cost in the neighborhood of $10 to $50 per year! THAT'S IT!  You want $5000 to $10,000 in coverage.  Believe me, just an ambulance ride will eat that up: a bill you do not want to pay yourself when you find out that your health insurance does not 'cover that particular ambulance company'.
Excess Medpay:  Watch out for this.  If your auto insurance only provides 'excess medpay' - switch insurance companies.  This means they will only pay after your health insurance company does.  A paperwork nightmare for you and your providers.  Not worth your time.  Get Medpay ( avoid 'excess medpay')  Ask your agent and get the facts.
Still confused?  Doesn't surprise me, insurance is way too complicated!  Call us anytime and the doctors on staff will be happy to help you make an informed choice.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dummies Know Best

Please join us this month as we continue to spotlight common issues and concerns dealing with car accident injuries!

The life of a crash dummy is no easy task. Their every day routine involves smashing against walls and other cars at great velocities. Now you may ask, what kind of life is that?! This "life" has helped us understand the effects of car collision and improved crash safety in cars around the world. The new frontier of car crash research involves not only crash dummies but human participants. 

Our very own Dr. Brian Burkholder attended the Spine Research Institute of San Diego to become a live participant in car collision research in order to fully understand the wide range of complications that the body undergoes after a car accident. Dr. Brian attained an Advanced Certification of Competency showing his knowledge in diagnosis, treatment, management of motor vehicular cervical acceleration/deceleration trauma, and brain traumatology. Dr. Brian has also obtained a certification in Motor Vehicle Crash Forensic Risk Analysis furthering his ability to understand the biomechanics of car accidents.

During the training, Dr Brian underwent three collisions. All three collisions were UNDER 10 MPH! There was NO STRUCTURAL DAMAGE done to the vehicles involved but that could not be said of Dr. Brian. For the next THREE months following the collisions, Dr. Brian experienced neck soreness, headaches and upper back pain.   He received chiropractic adjustments three times per week to ensure that his joints and muscles healed properly from the damage those smaller impacts had.  Clinical studies prove that chiropractic treatment is effective in reducing arthritis and scar tissue associated with whiplash injuries.

If you or a friend/family are currently still experiencing pain, headaches, sleep disturbances, or any other common injuries following a car accident please don't hesitate to give us a call. We can give you insight as to what's going on with your body and help you relieve your problems and decrease the chance that you will develop spinal arthritis.

A final tip:  Review your auto insurance coverage.  Make sure you have "Med Pay": $5000 and up is best. This is very inexpensive to add to your policy and if or when you suffer an accident it allows you to get the treatment you need without the fear of large bills piling up!  Confused? Ask us, we know all about it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Myths and Facts of Whiplash

Hello! February 2012 will be a month where we highlight topics and issues dealing with automobile accidents and injuries. One of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident is whiplash. What exactly is whiplash you ask? Whiplash is the sudden backward and forward motion of the neck pushing your neck bones, muscles and ligaments beyond their normal range of motion.  

Many people believe that to sustain injury or whiplash during an automobile accident the cars involved must be going fast and have structural damage but the Spine Research Institute of San Diego has shown that to be false. Below are common myths and facts about car accidents that may surprise you!

Myth #1- Just prior to the accident you see the car about to hit you in your rear view mirror and you tense up causing more injury than not tensing up before impact.
Fact: Research on human crash dummies have shown that you are less likely to get injured when tensing up for an accident than if not.

Myth #2- Whiplash injuries only occur in high speed accidents.
Fact: Whiplash injuries occur as a result of the load transmitted to the neck. The threshold of the neck injury in any accident is 5mph. Most car accident injuries occur at speeds below just 12 mph!

Myth #3- Men and women are equally susceptible to injury during a rear-end collision.
Fact: Women are twice(47%) as likely to get injured from whiplash then men. Safety systems are designed for men, and men are three times more likely to be involved in a car crash, leaving women with the short end of the safety stick.

Myth #4- If there's no damage to your car you couldn't possibly have been hurt!
Fact: Vehicle collision damage has little to do with human damage, especially whiplash. The acceleration of the neck when hit from the rear is 2.5 times that of the car! Many insurance companies will argue and try and convince you that because the vehicles sustained little or no visible damage,  the vehicle's occupants could not have been injured. While cars are designed to handle the low speed impact forces, the human body is not.

We hope this has provided some insight into the myths and facts concerning whiplash! Please check back weekly for both announcements and more information about car accidents!
*If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, call us today!  The doctors at Krause Family Chiropractic have extensive training and experience dealing with your injuries following an accident, insurance companies, and attorneys.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Krause Family Chiropractic New Blog

Welcome to our new blog site.  We hope to share information you find useful and interesting.  Your health is our priority!